Roller Coaster Chess, Burglar Teletubbie, and Halloween

Hey there, it’s been a while. So I was looking around hoping to find a funny meme to make this blog look cool, but then I came across a really cool meme that kind of blew my mind… Roller Coaster Chess. That’s right, Roller Coaster Chess. I chose this not because it’s so funny, but because it’s so clever. It’s about the souvenir pictures that you get at the end of an amusement park ride, except these involve a couple kids playing chess on a chessboard that has glued chess pieces on it. The kids that are playing chess aren’t even screaming or freaking out like people usually do on roller coaster rides. They’re just so calmly playing chess while the car’s just dropping at 70 mph. How did that chessboard get on the ride to begin with? That seems like a bit of a safety hazard, but I still think it looks cool.

Look how cool these pictures are



And it not only involves roller coasters or log rides, but they also involve any other rides that might be a little bumpy.




The first time you see one of these pictures, you get tricked into thinking that they’re really playing chess, but then you come to realize that they’re just staring deeply into a chessboard with game pieces glued onto it. Pretty cool, right? I’m hoping this will make this blog look cooler.

Speaking of ridiculous things, there was a 20 year old kid from Lehigh University who broke into his friend’s house at 2 in the morning. Dressed up as a yellow Teletubbie. What’s funny about this story is that the guy ended up going into his buddy’s fridge and dumping Chinese food in his “man purse”, then leaving. He also damaged a door when he broke in. How desperately hungry does one have to be to break into a home, break a door, dressed up as a yellow Teletubbie just to steal some Chinese food? You can read the story here.


Before I forget, I want to wish you Happy Halloween! It’s a fun holiday, so don’t do stuff that’ll make it un-fun for you or other people. Don’t break into your friend’s house in a silly costume, unless he/she says it’s alright. If you’re going to eat candy, make sure you brush and floss. If you’re going to drink, don’t lose your sh*t. Make good decisions. I sound like a dad right now. I hope you get the point though. Be good!

Here’s a picture of my costume:

Furry Banana!

Furry Banana!

Album I’m listening to

Black Sabbath, Sabotage (1975)

When you bring up the amazing heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, one usually thinks of “the band that played ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Paranoid'”. Which is very true, but no one really cares about the music they made after those two hit songs. Sabotage is one of those albums that few people really care about. I didn’t care about listening to it before, but then I started listening to it, and I was satisfied within seconds! It has the perfect combination of heavy guitar riffs, funny lyrics, and softer riffs. Sabotage is so easy and fun to listen to, and not only that, but it’s one of the best albums to listen to this Halloween. Go check it out!

JINGle Bells

Hello there! I just made a screencast, which you can view by clicking this link:

I recorded it using a program called Jing, which specialises in capturing images for screenshots, and videos for screencasts. I had a feeling that this assignment was going to be fairly easy because there are way too many screencasts out there on YouTube… Just look up “how to empty your recycling bin on a PC”, you’ll find at least 500 tutorial screencasts that hold your hand you through the steps. If they can do it, anyone can. So I gave it a shot, and it was just as easy as I expected it to be, although I flubbed a couple of times while I was recording and it sounded like I had a potato in my mouth, so I had to record several takes.

I really like the idea of screencasting because if you want to do something on your computer, like “how get more space”, then you can look up a video about that on YouTube, watch it, and follow each step on your computer while you watch the video. Another reason I like screencasting is because it’s great for recording footage for a video game and commenting on or reviewing it, so you can show the whole world and they can judge whether or not it’s a game they’d like to play. That’s exactly what I do when I’m thinking about buying a video game — I type the name of the game on YouTube, pick a video that is screencasted, and judge whether the game is worth my time while I watch the footage and hear the screencaster’s comments. It’s very helpful to see what you’ll be playing before you play it, and it’s good to also hear what other people think of it.

OFF TOPIC: As I was writing this post, I was eating a banana with peanut butter, and it was amazing! Put some cinnamon on top and you’ll have an incredible and healthy snack. Try it out if you can.

Buffalocheeks Commercial!

Hi there folks. I’ve finally made a commercial for this fancy blog here. You can check it out on the bottom of this post, or wherever WordPress allows me to post it. So, how did it go? Not as well as I expected. I used to play around with the 2008 version of GarageBand, which was fun and easy to use. I felt that every feature (like sound clips, vocal effects, pitch control, etc) was given to the user on a silver platter. I had the time of my life working with that version.

But for this project, I used the newest version of GarageBand, which by the way, STINKS ON ICE. It’s very disorganized, and I couldn’t find vocal effects, pitch effects, or any other effects for that matter. Not even after 5.5 hours of messing around with the application. Perhaps it’s because it’s the free, amateur version from the App Store that lacks too many features, but I don’t know. All I know is that it stinks.

Anyway, I had a frustrating experience making this commercial, but in hindsight, it wasn’t too bad. I took two songs from my iTunes library (‘Psychic Chasms’ and ‘Ephemeral Artery’, both by Neon Indian), spliced them up a bit, and made a decent music bed. Then I recorded myself reading some words — most of which were taken from my “Meet the Editor” and “What’s This All About?” pages. I think the finished product doesn’t sound too bad… it gives my blog more of a vintage feel, and it feels more interactive because you get to hear my voice, which I don’t particularly enjoy listening to. I don’t really think anyone enjoys listening to recordings of their own voice. It’s totally natural to feel disgusted.

Well that just about wraps up this experience. I’ll keep you posted on anything else that I feel is noteworthy.


Here’s the commercial. Enjoy!