Buffalocheeks Commercial!

Hi there folks. I’ve finally made a commercial for this fancy blog here. You can check it out on the bottom of this post, or wherever WordPress allows me to post it. So, how did it go? Not as well as I expected. I used to play around with the 2008 version of GarageBand, which was fun and easy to use. I felt that every feature (like sound clips, vocal effects, pitch control, etc) was given to the user on a silver platter. I had the time of my life working with that version.

But for this project, I used the newest version of GarageBand, which by the way, STINKS ON ICE. It’s very disorganized, and I couldn’t find vocal effects, pitch effects, or any other effects for that matter. Not even after 5.5 hours of messing around with the application. Perhaps it’s because it’s the free, amateur version from the App Store that lacks too many features, but I don’t know. All I know is that it stinks.

Anyway, I had a frustrating experience making this commercial, but in hindsight, it wasn’t too bad. I took two songs from my iTunes library (‘Psychic Chasms’ and ‘Ephemeral Artery’, both by Neon Indian), spliced them up a bit, and made a decent music bed. Then I recorded myself reading some words — most of which were taken from my “Meet the Editor” and “What’s This All About?” pages. I think the finished product doesn’t sound too bad… it gives my blog more of a vintage feel, and it feels more interactive because you get to hear my voice, which I don’t particularly enjoy listening to. I don’t really think anyone enjoys listening to recordings of their own voice. It’s totally natural to feel disgusted.

Well that just about wraps up this experience. I’ll keep you posted on anything else that I feel is noteworthy.


Here’s the commercial. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Buffalocheeks Commercial!

  1. I think you did a great job on your commercial. I really like the effect you did on the word, “champion”; that was pretty cool. The transition of your songs was also really smooth. I do not really have any feedback, except maybe to lower the bass just a teeny bit (if possible) on the second song. Your voice is still audible on top of the music bed, but the bass may distract some listeners from the content of your commercial. Other than that, great job! (And like you, yes, I thought it was totally weird listening to my voice and talking to myself while doing the recording.)


  2. Your decision of having an interesting music as your music bed, which still makes your voice prominent, was right. I like the two tunes you have used in your commercial but I think you should have used an attention grabbing song as your intro and your music bed with your voice recording should have come after that. For your future work, keep in mind that the intro music should have an interesting song playing for a minute or few seconds to hold the attention of the listeners. Overall you have done a good job and your voice recording was fantastic.


  3. Dude this is great. I literally lol’d while listening to this but in a good way. It’s very clever how you used the effects on your voice to say your blog’s name. I really enjoyed this commercial and its probably the best one I’ve heard out of everyone’s (no offense to anyone else reading this). Good job, not really much room for improvement because it is so well done.


  4. Awesome job with your audio! I love the little effects you did such as when you said “champion” lol. I also enjoyed listening to your introduction to the blog. Personally, I find this is an overall good example of a commercial for this assignment good job!


  5. Can I just say first of all this is one of my favorite commercials that I’ve listened too. But overall I thought this commercial was super engaging and funny at the same time. It’s clear that you put the effort into it and it clearly shows. I love the audio effects you used and it really added to your commercial. Overall I think you did an excellent job!


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