Uncommon Greetings, Creative Commons, Fair Use, and Fencing.

Good day, readers. I say “good day” because “good night” and “good morning” are reserved for specific times in a day. There are 24 hours in a day, so it would make sense to use “good day”. I don’t understand why very few people greet one another that way here in America. It’s a very nice thing to say! I should start greeting people with “G’day!” like the Australians do. That way, people will be like, “Someone said ‘G’day’ to me today… I don’t know why, but it made my day!” That probably won’t happen ever, but it’s nice to know that you have the power to make people have odd, noteworthy experiences sometimes. Greet someone with “G’day” sometime and share your experience here!

Nothing like a good rambling to get this post in gear, but let’s shift gears now and talk about important stuff.

So I went to the Creative Commons Search Engine to find a piece of media that relates to my blog, and this is what I picked:

This is a picture of an Italian fencer and a Swiss fencer having a fencing bout with each other at the Challenge Réseau Ferré de France–Trophée Monal 2012. I picked this picture because I haven’t posted about sports like I said I would in the “What’s This All About?” page. So here’s my chance to talk about something sports-related. The picture favors every fair use in the ‘Purpose’ category of the Fair Use Checklist, because I’m commenting on the fencing bout. Unfortunately, I won’t profit from using this picture :/, but it’d sure be nice to make money that easily! I also acknowledge that this picture is a published work that is factual and nonfiction based, and that this an individual picture, and it’s appropriate for educational purposes. This picture also did not have an effect on the market, it’s not copyrighted, and I didn’t need permission to share it with y’all. But I really would like to thank Marie-Lan Nguyen for taking a brilliant picture of a perfect example of what a flèche is!

For those of you who don’t know, fencing is an olympic sport. It’s actually considered the martial art of fighting with blades. You get a strenuous workout, and you get the chance to have a duel with someone without killing them or getting killed (if you do it the right way). You also get a good brain workout because it requires a lot of thought to land an attack on your opponent, and that’s why many people call it “physical chess”. I’ve been fencing on and off since I was nine, and I absolutely love it. If you’re interested, I encourage you to go try it out for yourself. It’s really fun!

My first fencing tournament, c. 2003

My first fencing tournament, c. 2003

Album I’m listening to

The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main St (1972)

My high school history teacher recommended this album to me, and he told me that I’d have to listen to it a few times to really enjoy it. He was right, I’ll admit that the first time I heard it, I really didn’t like it, but the second time I heard it, I ended up loving it! If you plan on listening to this album, listen to it until you LOVE it, because it’s an acquired taste. These aren’t the jolly “I can’t get no… satisfaction” Stones that you’re probably used to. Exile on Main St is the product of a band that spent all their tax money on drugs and concerts, so they moved from the UK to Southern France before the British government could seize their assets. Hence the name Exile on Main St. Not only does this album has an interesting background story, but it also has music that you’ve never heard or will never hear in your life. Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to Exile on Main St. Check it out on youtube!


One thought on “Uncommon Greetings, Creative Commons, Fair Use, and Fencing.

  1. That’s a really cool image! It sort of looks like an infinity symbol, too. It is nice that you did not need permission to use the image but unfortunate that you won’t be making money from it!


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