Important Links

  1. – This page from includes an infographic that lists some of the cognitive biases that could hinder our decision making. It’s good to be aware of one’s own biases, because we all make bad decisions from time to time, but we can change our decision-making habits to make decisions that are less bad!
  2. – I found this article while browsing, a very funny website with an educational aspect. This article in particular teaches us to be more cautious about unnecessary purchases some consumers tend to make.
  3. – I found this slideshow when I was browsing for an important link for this page. It caught my eye because the name of the slideshow is “10 Things You Didn’t Know about Horses”, so I thought, “I don’t know much about horses… but I’m willing to learn a thing or two… or 10. Why not?” You learn something new everyday.
  4. – Here’s another slideshow I found on (which I believe is my new favorite website!) This slideshow is called “The Truth About Idling A Vehicle”, which is relevant to me because I’m not rich and I don’t drive the most fuel-efficient car on the road. It’s good to be conscious about how much money is coming out of your pocket whenever you leave your car running.
  5. – This is a link to a chess game where you can play against a computer. Chess trains you to think outside the box. Like in everyday life, there will be many times in a game when your plans will be interrupted. Will you give up something you wanted to do? Hopefully not. You will need to find a creative solution to stay in the game! Thinking outside the box is a skill that is necessary in life, and it will also help you find solutions to problems that not many people would think of.